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Measurements: 36D-23-34

Penis Size: 8.5 inches of length, VERY THICK

Age: 24 years old

Height: 5'3" (yes, I am like a little doll in your hands)

Weight: 104 lbs / 47 kgs

Sexual Orientation: Everything goes! I like men, women and other transsexuals alike

Favorite Sex Position: You on your hands and knees and me behind you fucking you nice and deep until I cum inside you!

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My full name is Tania Quintanilla, but that can be a little complicated to write, so I opted for having Tania Q as my artistic name. I think it's quite catchy, and you won't forget it easily :)

I was born 20-something years ago to a very loving family, which has always supported me through my decisions and transition.When I was barely 8 years old, I realized that I was different, and that my fantasies all involved me being a woman. So at the age of 13, I began looking for ways to make those fantasies come through and I contacted one of the most famous shemales of all times, who took me under her wing and guided me through all the changes. By the time I was 15, thanks to her guidance, I was a woman in all aspects. By then I knew I wanted to shine and show my unique feminity to the world. What better way than to become a porn star?

A few days after turning 18, I filmed my first porn video. I remember being very nervous and not knowing what to do, but the video was very well received despite my shyness, and I began getting offers to film more. Probably because of the size of my penis, but mostly after I got my new boobs!

I am very proud of the woman I am nowadays and am doing my greatest effort to become a true shemale pornstar. Do you think I have what it takes?

taniaq official website
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I do scheduled webcam shows for my members, for free, of course. In addition to those scheduled shows, I also do lots of impromptu webcam shows when I have girlfriends or boyfriends over. Don't miss out on watching me do lots of naughty things with them!

My next webcam show will take place on: October 23rd, 2015, at 9PM EST.

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